You buy a brand new PC for yourself and you can’t wait to use it right away, but wait, there’s some basic thing you should do for your PC with the following steps:

1) Make sure you update your PC up-to-date (windows, software, adobe reader, flash player, java…etc, for security reason…)

2) Your new PC normal will come with a lot of trial software, if your don’t want to use them, get rid of them, for speeding it up.

3) Decide what anti-virus software to protect your PC. If you don’t want to try out the 6 months free anti-virus pre-installed then uninstall it and put on your own guard- For virus protection.

4) Now, you are free to install whatever software that you have on your new PC and update your software from your software vender if available. Note: make sure to check the capability of your software with the current OS on your PC before you install it.

5)Think about your important data backup, remember your PC manufacture will cover for your new PC’s hardware issues only and your Hard Drive will die for a ton of reasons. There are couple method backup solution such as: online backup(you need to pay for the service and normally it is slow to process your data), local backup(Network backup or external Hard Drive backup, these task is faster). Remember backup means there are always 2 copied of 1 file to keep and store on 2 different Hard disks.

Now you can enjoy your new PC with speed, and safe.